MTL: day 5

img_0818January 15, 2017

It’s Sunday now and I’ve been in Montreal for five days. This weekend has been horrifically cold. Daniel says it hasn’t been. But I’m currently wearing fleece tights underneath my jeans and we’re inside so I think it’s safe to say I’m not in Kansas anymore.

I haven’t left the apartment by myself yet. This is partially because I got sick as soon as I landed, and also because I don’t know where to go. We were on the end of Day Three before I realized I hadn’t seen or spoken to any other humans besides Daniel since I paid my cab driver on Tuesday night. His hours aren’t long (Daniel’s class time, not my cab driver’s working hours. I’m sure he works long days), and if there’s anywhere I need to go I figure the least he can do is escort me when he gets home from school.

Also, turns out, when you don’t have a job in the outside world, the urgency you feel to put on pants every morning really diminishes. The necessity has only arisen a few times so far:

  1. Once to go to a French bistro for dinner with Daniel’s Uncle Joe, who was in town for six hours on business. I was still feeling pretty sick but was also feeling sorry for myself at this point and thought I deserved some authentic steak frites from L’entrecote Saint-Jean;
  2. Once to investigate the grocery store closest to our apartment. I thought we were only buying ingredients for dinner so was in that mindset, but Daniel wanted to do a real stock-up. Without a list or any recipes in my head I was a very ineffective shopper. Daniel got exasperated with me, saying in his serious voice “I thought you’d be better at this.” Obviously I found this hilarious; and
  3. Once to walk Daniel to the metro. This was his idea, which he thought was good because a. I wasn’t showing any interest in leaving the apartment and he thought some fresh -39 degree air would be good for my virus, and b. because I would have to walk back home by myself and it was a tricky way of making me pay attention to my surroundings and learn my own address. Joke’s on him because I found my way back and I’m still here, moving all his stuff around and making him walk me to hot yoga.img_0811

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