MTL: day 1

img_0647January 10, 2017

So I live in Quebec now. And it’s the first day of the rest of my life!

Things that I noticed are different from the island so far:

  1. It is flat (obvious);
  2. All of the buildings are short;
  3. The wind took my breath away when I stepped outside of the airport last night.

When I got to Daniel’s last night he had dinner all ready for us, and roses for me, which was very nice. He had prepared his house specialty: roasted chicken, potatoes, and yam, with rosemary. It was delicious. He also cleaned it up (bodes well). Things I can say about his place:

  1. It’s much larger than his first year apartment, but still not bigger than a bread box;
  2. His idea of clean does not include dusting (bless him);
  3. There is a pretty large desk reserved just for me that has a little window above it! As everyone knows, a woman must have money and a room (desk) of her own if she is to write fiction (blog posts).

It was hard to relax last night even though I was completely exhausted because my urge to clean and organize and synthesize all our crap was so strong. It may have also been difficult to relax because I’m in a weird new place where I’m apparently going to be camping out for the next four months (that’s what Daniel said last night: It’s going to be like we’re camping every day! Me: lol, why? Daniel: Because the bed is so small with both of us in it… I’ve never been camping.)

Some more logical reasons he could have given as to why it felt like we were camping:

  1. It was really hot in the apartment… and then cold… and then hot;
  2. His sheets feel kind of nylon-ish, like a sleeping bag;
  3. I knew we’d both be awake by 5:00 am PST.

Neither of us could fall asleep, and for me the reason for this was obviously that it was 8:00 pm where I’m from and that’s typically just about the time when my mom and I are sitting down to eat dinner and take in the evening news (TMZ). It’s important that I adjust to Daniel’s weeknight sleep schedule because he has class in the morning and the rooms in this place aren’t divided by any doors, so I can’t really stay up later than him without keeping him awake.

Anyway, it’s 9:45 am here now and after narrowly avoiding my first kitchen fire (involving a tea bag and the old-fashioned coil burner thingy on the stove), I am pretty confused about what I should be doing but am trying hard to adjust to the leisure mindset by just staying in bed and drinking tea out of my new mug that says “bonjour” and has a fancy wiener dog on it. Besides doing a good job of my actual job with DAL, my goal really is going to be to chill the eff out for this whole semester. It’s just four months! Not even. Nobody ever died from taking a brief hiatus from being a basket-case for 16 weeks. Wish me luck!

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