My Fav Pasta (right now)

My Fav Pasta (right now)Right now I am addicted to smoked salmon. I went a long time without even knowing that I liked it, and then became celiac and thought I couldn’t have it, and then my mom (bless her) searched around and called different companies until she found one that didn’t use soy sauce (Hardy Buoys is g-free, if you care), and since then I’ve been eating it non-stop.

Around the same time I made this salmon discovery, I also discovered that if you cook super-ripe mashed tomatoes (I put them in my magic bullet), white onion chopped really fine, and a lot of butter together, you get the best sauce ever. Butter is what I put in things so my family thinks I’m a good cook. Butter literally sends signals to my brain that make me happy. Depending on how much sauce I’m trying to make, I just keep adding chunks of butter (side note: if you’re trying to make excellent spaghetti sauce, whip your tomatoes, throw a half onion and a big chunk of butter in there, and put the lid on for half an hour or so then throw the onion away. You won’t be sorry.) I never said this was pasta for your health.

photo copy 10

So for lunch the other day, I made my dad this pasta. All my garlic was sick and old, so the garlic shown in the above cutting board picture depicts about a quarter of what I would normally use. This was fine with old Mur, who hates garlic anyway. I sauteed my onions and garlic in a big glug of olive oil (sometimes I magic-bullet my onions and garlic too, because I’m a very busy person), and then added my chopped cherry tomatos (just happened to have nice ones, normally use big old regular ones). I cooked that down a bunch and then threw in some lemon zest, just for added zest (use this at your discretion, I love lemon). When my pasta is just finished cooking I add my smoked salmon to the sauce. You don’t have to chop it up very small because it kind of falls apart when you cook it. It’s so freakin good. Then I add a teaspoon or nine of red pepper flakes, but only if its for my dad (who was born with the tastebuds of a ninety year old chain-smoker). So that was our casual lunch. Have I mentioned I’m unemployed?


After that I went for a swim.

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