Il Terrazzo, and some other places in Victoria

Il Terrazzo, and some other places in Victoria

This is a post about Il Terrazzo, my family’s number one favorite restaurant in Victoria that we go to every time we go to Victoria. Sometimes we go to Victoria just to go to Il Terrazzo, wandering around downtown aimlessly wondering why we made our reservation for seven when it’s only four and we really want to eat now and WHAT WILL WE DO FOR THREE HOURS UNTIL WE CAN GO TO THERE???
On this particular day, we wasted time before our reservation by:
-going to Mayfair mall, where I made the mistake of purchasing some kind of rice dish with prawns from a booth in the food fair aptly named “Rice,” which I am very thankful I didn’t die from.
-shopping around the downtown/waterfront area until Leah announced “no more shopping time,” so we just walked around and ate some Rogers icecream until it was…. 4:30 (dinner was for 6:30), and then she realized that gee, maybe we could have shopped a little more, only now all the stores are closed because it’s sunday so we have to continue wandering around doing WHATEVER IT IS she thought we were supposed to be doing when we could have been shopping.
-took a picture with Sully
-had a nice bellini on a patio called “il Forno” (I think), which was the reasonable thing to do because we still had an hour to go before dinner and if someone didn’t lay down the law we would have gone back and forth up the same block 9 times, because that’s what we do as a family when we’re on vacation (even on just a day-long one, we panic when we run out of things to do between meals).

photo copy 5

So finally we got to go to Il Terrazzo, and sit in the beautiful outdoor courtyard thing, and be civilized. A side story: one time, I went to Il Terrazzo with my mom and her best friend Louise, a few months after I had been diagnosed with celiac. I had a seafood risotto, which, upon delivery, appeared to be covered with real actual crispy calamari and other amazing crispy seafood things. Obviously I sent it back to the kitchen twice, trying to explain that I can’t eat anything crispy or good ever again, and the waiter just kept bringing it back to me, trying to communicate that it was a rice-flour batter. So I ate it. And it was sooo delicious. Been chasing that dragon ever since.  They don’t have it on the menu anymore. Their single fault. End of side story.

photo copy 7

So this is the bread and tapenade concoction that they bring you while you’re waiting for your appy. If there is ever a time when I feel simultaneously sorry for myself, but also like the luckiest person ever, it is when I am at Il Terrazzo with my family and they bring out that freakin bread. It will bring a tear to your eye, that bread. You just have to sit there with a stiff upper lip and wait for your soup to come, because your family certainly is not going to forgo that bread in your name. If you think your family would? They wouldn’t.

photo copy 8

My soup did come, and it was very tasty. The holy trinity of tomato-basil-olive oil never fails me. I know it’s weird to order soup in the dead-centre of summer, but everyone else is having something and I have already made a scene about the bread and all the other good appys are gluteny and there’s no way I’m gonna order a caesar. Plus, I sometimes like soup. Last time I had the fisherman’s, and it was nice too.

photo copy 2

My choice of entree was very out of character, I had the short ribs with an apple-gorgonzola-walnut risotto. I’d normally have seafood but I’m glad I didn’t. So good, so deadly rich. The meat pretty much comes pre-digested for you, it is that tender.

So that’s Il Terrazzo, a magical place that I never worry about anything, much less gluten (unless they bring me calamari). Our waiter was a gent, there was a tiny fireplace burning beside our table, and we were actually all too grossly full to order dessert (very unusual- see My Dad, PF Changs, “I Still Eat a Lot”).

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