I Still Eat a Lot


It has been a month since WAC was last updated, and this is probably misleading to some people. It probably makes people think I am on the straight-and-narrow now, not risking my health by eating out all the time, and maybe I have even adopted some semblance of a healthy diet. All of that is false, the truth is I have eaten maybe more crap than ever this month, and mostly it has come from restaurants. Off the top of my head, May has consisted of:

The Sandbar (again): My grad dinner. Was glorious. Ate calamari (truth), and some kind of seafood pizza that I split with my Gran. Really excellent crust.

Dario’s (in the Italian Cultural Centre): Daniels grad dinner. Had very delicious risotto, accommodating (albeit mostly non-English) staff. Was surprised that they had rice pasta, which changed my whole night right when I was about to order (I hate when that happens, by the way. You are all prepared to try something different because you are in this situation where nothing on the menu is described in english and you are pretty resigned to being doomed by gluten any way you look at it so you decide on some veal because hey, when in Rome, and then right when you are about to announce your typically-gluten-free, meaty, adventurous choice the waiter informs you that they have rice pasta! And then you are back to the drawing board because you can’t not order the pasta once you know it’s there.) Anyway, I had the pasta with some spicy-tomato seafood business, and it was very nice. Still wondering about the veal, though.

P.F. Chang’s (Seattle): Don’t even need to comment. Everyone knows how I feel about it. We ordered 6 dishes for 4 people, ate it all. My dad tried to order 6 desserts.

Mexico Cantina (Seattle): Again, no comment. Ate approx. 28 corn tortillas if you pieced them all back together.

The Shady Rest (Qualicum): There are a lot of gluten free things on this menu, so it is hard to narrow it down and pick something when everything sounds good, but eventually you pick something, and it is average. But it is hard to resist the patio on a beautiful sunny day. I had a half rack of ribs with vegetables and mashed potatoes (for lunch). Whatever.

Kaya Malaysia(n?): Better than Banana leaf. Get the ginger beef thingy.

So you get the point. This is just a sampling. There was also a Las Margs somewhere in there. And a stop at the Templeton. And Fairwinds. And Delicados. Assume that I had nachos at most of these places and then I don’t have to write about them.

The lack of photos for all of this is due to the fact that despite my continued unemployment, May has been hella busy. I moved. I graduated. Daniel graduated. My best cousin Meg got engaged. My girl Tawnya got engaged. My girl Kelsey continues to be engaged. A bunch of other people got engaged (I know that none of these engagements actually involve any actions on my part but it’s been a lot to digest. Particularly Megan.) I helped some sick people vote. I went to Seattle with my fam. I painted my nails. I don’t know how I’m ever gonna find the time to get a real job and be a person.

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