Italian Kitchen on Alberni

Italian Kitchen on Alberni

This is a picture of the food that Leah and I ordered on the night before her last exam, which would mark the completion of both of our undergrad degrees. We were feeling celebratory and sad, nostalgic and relieved, all at the same time. Obviously this meant we had to eat our feelings. And we did, with a veritable feast from Italian Kitchen downtown. We started off with a caprese salad (not pictured… hard to believe there was actually more food involved than is pictured), and Italian sodas (Leah had one more exam to write, at this point we were still “on the wagon”). What followed was the “pesce piatto” – grilled salmon, ahi tuna, tiger prawns, veggies, and the crowning glory of the meal, a gluten-free penne in a creamy citrus fennel/lobster type sauce (usually not a fennel fan… I dealt with it). This was topped off with a hunk of lobster that had obviously been pickled in butter prior to serving. If we had ordered a plate of just the pasta and lobster (the same size as the platter we got, of course), we might have finished it off. So. Good.
So good in fact that our waiter felt compelled to compliment us on our ability to consume enough seafood for a family of four. We let that one slide. He had crazy Twilight boy hair.
It felt good to be freshly done school. Leah is on to become a vet now, and I… am gonna just keep talking about the food I eat.

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