The Wooden Shoe on Cambie!

The Wooden Shoe on Cambie!

The Wooden Shoe is far and away the best place to have a gluten free brunch in Vancouver (and probably British Columbia, and probably Canada for that matter). I really can’t recommend it enough- it looks kind of like an old mini golf (very unpretentious), and they have the strangest menu you will ever read. When you walk in you will say to yourself “wow, how does a place like this stay open?” because it is a bit truck-stoppy, but when you leave you will realize that it is a Vancouver institution and you were just uninformed. Once you are a regular they take your picture and put it up on the wall with the 2000 other regulars (We were inducted just this weekend- check back in a year to see if they’ve put it up. They said it takes them a really long time to get them printed, mount them all on little white pieces of paper, and then think of captions like “delicious!” because they don’t know the names of the people in the photos anymore… because they were taken a year before).
Obviously their house specialty is the pannekoek. Their gluten free ones are square and come on different plates than the regular ones (also the regular ones are round). You can get pretty much any kind of vietnamese food you like on top of your pannekoek, which both Daniel and I find very weird and we will probably never be brave enough to try. Because if we tried a weird one, with pad thai or nasi goreng or whatever on top, then we are forfeiting our opportunity for that day to order a really delicious sweet one (and while I think we will both go pretty far in the name of good comedy, neither of us are going to order a joke pannekoek). The best topping you can get is grilled bananas. As you can see I have included chocolate sauce and whipped cream for good measure. Daniel takes it a step further and gets butter to go UNDERNEATH his whipped cream. We are both going to die early, milkfat-induced deaths. You throw on a side of spek (dutch bacon) and bob’s your uncle.

And yes, I have a hot chocolate with that. I have the diet of a Christmas elf.

5 thoughts on “The Wooden Shoe on Cambie!

  1. I like your site a lot but am curious how often do you post celiac or gluten free friendly posts on this blog versus the exact opposite like this post is? With your website name, i would think a lot of posts would represent that side of things. thanks so much

    1. Hi Mel,
      I’m not sure what you mean… are you asking if I post restaurants that aren’t celiac friendly? The Wooden Shoe is a great place for gluten free because they offer the pannekoek in a gluten free batter using a different griddle and dishes. All of the places that I write about are places that I have found something good to eat at (and I’m a celiac). I hope this answers your question, and I’m so glad you like my blog!

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