The Fish Shack on Granville

The Fish Shack on Granville

Fish shack is a restaurant owned by the Glowbal group in Vancouver, a chain of different restaurants that all the Joeys and Cactus Clubs wish they were. I went there last night, for maybe the 4th time, with Daniel, Megan, and Brenden. It’s great going out for dinner with Meg because she is always on time and it was a Saturday night and super busy so her and Brenden waited for a table for like 40 minutes, and then Daniel and I showed up and we got seated. Niceee. This place is unlike the rest of the glowbal restaurants in that the menus are just pieces of paper, the staff wear tshirts, and the food is served in little metal baskets. Rather than be mad you are there, every server I’ve had at the Fish Shack seems to be extremely enthusiastic about all aspects of my experience. Which is nice, I guess. Their little gimmick is to bring you tiny bread bowls of seafood chowder (obviously I’m out for that one). The guy we had last night wished us “good luck” every time he brought more food or another drink to our table. Was that “good luck” as in, “I hope you survive the raw oysters”? or, “good luck” as in, “you don’t look like a group of people that know how to eat food in a restaurant”? I don’t know. Maybe the funniest part of the evening was when Daniel decided he was going to have a healthy dinner and order grilled salmon with rice, and the rest of us got deep fried stuff. They brought out his food and it was very much a little piece of grilled salmon with a pile of white rice. He was confused and disappointed. He never learns- “when in Rome, Daniel!!!”Anyway none of that matters, because I can have real fish and chips in that place- battered, deep fried, chunks of any kind of fish. Or prawns. Or oysters. One more item wiped off my list of “Favourite Foods I Will Never Enjoy Again.” I forgot to take a picture so I include this picture of Brenden, my dad, and Daniel as a substitute. Aren’t they cute??

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