Milestones on 4th

Milestones on 4th

My mom and I went to get my sister from school today, because she is here for a few days and she brings her vehicle with her and to us it is supreme luxury to not take the bus anywhere, ever. We were just running to UBC, getting Leah, I was going to talk to my prof for 10 minutes, home. Done. But then they decided they wanted a snack. This was not part of the deal, and I was basically in my pajamas. Then they decided they didn’t just want a snack, they wanted a full on sit-down lunch at Milestones. I was against this choice for several reasons. The first was that the only things I can have there are big burgers and steaks and plates of pasta, and it was two in the afternoon and I just wasn’t feeling it. The second was that I looked just appalling. The third was more of a personal matter of principle for me, which was that I have tried to work at that stupid place like THREE TIMES because they are across the street from my house and they seem to ALWAYS be hiring and I swear I am over-qualified. Anyways.
We went in and sat in the little heated atrium place and it was all set to be a really nice girl’s time. Leah was being just a ridiculous person and was really hyper and wanted to order everything on the menu (“I just want to feel really FULL.”) I wanted to order nothing. My mom was asking that we just “have a nice lunch out together, please don’t suck the joy out of everything.” So I announced I would eat after all.

Leah: “REALLY!!!!!!! What are you going to get!!!!!!” (like I said, being a crazy person)
Me: the burger.
Leah: “oh really!!! What!!!”

She was just really excited. I don’t know.
I was curious about the burger because I have tried all the other stuff on their little gluten free menu (which I do appreciate, so thank you Milestones, you bastards-that-wont-hire-me), and because they do have really good bread that they order in from Milwaukee that I wish I could buy here. I had the avocado salsa/bacon topping choice, and it was darn good. My mom and Leah ate half of it because I had to stick to my guns and prove to them how un-hungry I was. But it was a very burger-y burger and I would probably do it again.

And yeah, obviously I took all that lettuce crap off of it.

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