Lefty’s in Parksville

Lefty's in Parksville

Jaime and I chose Lefty’s this morning as a little throwback- we used to walk there for breakfast ALL the time when we were in highschool and would have parties at her moms house and invite like 10 guys over and drink illicit booze and play cranium. We would always split a “traditional” the following morning and feel really grown up and awesome. Since we are women now we decided we should probably order two things (but still share them obviously), so I got the gfree french toast (finally!) and she ordered the traditional and we were gonna divvy them up. The bacon and eggs came with toast all over the top of them, so I ended up just having french toast. Such is the life of a celiac that orders gluten free french toast and a regular breakfast and then says at the end “and the toast cant touch anything!” and the waitress says “well obviously” and then the plates show up with regular toast all over one of them.

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