Wait and Celiac: Victoria Edition


Daniel and our Tour Guides on a Seaside Excursion

To kick off reading break we drove down to Victoria to see my girl Jaime (J. Mo), her endlessly charming boyfriend Mark (and all of my other best friends from Parksville that I never get to see), and to see what we could find to eat around that place. Our first stop was “The Joint”- a little place on the inner harbour that has a big g-free menu and some really, really good gfree pizza on homemade crust. I could have had pasta if I wanted, but instead I opted for a huge slice of hawaiian (!!), and it was delicious. The most pizza-y pizza I have eaten in some time, and a perfect snack to prep us for wandering around downtown Vic (windiest place in the world). For dinner we went to a new pub, Yates St. Taphouse, and my dinner wasn’t very exciting and my options were very limited (a little bowl of prawns in garlic with cherry tomatoes), but they are a pub and they just opened and the server promised they were working on getting gfree bread, pasta, etc.

The real treat was our breakfast the next day (and getting to stay at Jaime and Mark’s apartment obviously, and having Jaime wake us up so cheerfully/urgently). We went to Shine Cafe and waited like an hour because they are very popular. I insisted on the Blanshard location because the rumor online was that they had gfree french toast (unprecedented). They didn’t, and it was briefly disappointing but was soon made acceptable by the raspberry-banana pancakes that I got instead:


So they look like pancakes, and probably boring ones to a regular-pancake eating person, but they were really fluffy and crispy around the edges and not corn-mealy (sorry Roundel Cafe), and the fruit in them was soo good. I couldn’t eat all of it but if I had taken the leftovers home with me I would be finishing them off right now.

There’s not a lot else to report about this occasion other than Jaime got really drunk at the Yates St. ($6 doubles that she forgot were doubles), and we played a great game with our friends called “Cards Against Humanity.” She hated it.

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