Sandbar on Granville Island

photo copy 9

For Valentines we forwent our usual brunch plans because Daniel made a mystery dinner reservation. The surprise was The Sandbar, VERY swanky. You could tell it was nice because we ran into like 4 other Betas (including the president- natch). These places are usually not bad for me because you are generally just ordering some kind of meat or seafood with vegetables. We ordered half a crab (because it is plain, and comes with a swimming pool of butter), and a swordfish entree (tastes like chicken), and since I was feeling generous an appy of barbecue ribs – because I knew Daniel would prefer the cow over the scallops we were eyeing, and because the waitress said they were g-free. Obviously they weren’t, and she told us that, but the guy brought them to our table and taunted us with them anyway. The appetizer list was a really good looking selection of stir-fry veggies and wontons and sushi and things I just can’t do. We ordered the wok-fried chili chicken (with a back-up order in the inevitable case that the waitress asked the kitchen and they said it was deep fried… obviously). Again, they brought it to our table and it looked super good. Too good. So I sent the poor girl back to the kitchen ONE MORE TIME to confirm and she said the exasperated, exhausted, valentines-hating chef told her it was a corn starch coating and to eat the fricken chicken OR NOT HE DOESN’T CARE. He didn’t actually say that. The waitress was really, really, nice. And we ate the chicken and it was amazing. A better, fancier, yummier version of the Cactus Club sweet chili chicken bites that everyone makes such a huge deal about.

verdict: we will go back and order that chicken very nonchalantly. it was much pricier than our brunch habit, but we ordered wine and dessert and it was a special occasion, so you know.. (more than easy for me to justify- he paid.)

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