Sweet Obsession on 16th


Here’s Leah holding up the sign that everyone pretty much ignored. “What? There’s no sign on this table! Lets stay until 10:30 with our 6 month old baby!”

As usual this post is about trying to go to one place but ending up at a different one. Last night Daniel decided that he should take his three girlfriends (me, Jody, and Leah) out for dessert because it was friday night and we weren’t doing anything. So we went to True Confections on Broadway/Alma, and it was packed like it always is and the disinterested hipster told us it would be a half an hour wait so we drove around trying to think of somewhere else to go that wasn’t Dairy Queen. Daniel is not a fan of driving around when we have no destination.
We parked back in front of our house and I said “this was worse than not going out at all!” So Daniel quickly thought of a place we had never been, only I had been there before, with Jaime, and they didn’t have a single thing I could eat. It is a cute little bakery/pastry shop called Sweet Obsession, and this time they had three dessert choices for me! So we decided to stay.
But then the girl said it would be a twenty minute wait. And it was probably more like a half an hour. There are only a couple of tables, and they were mostly occupied by moms and babies who didn’t want to ever leave even though Leah and Daniel were loudly saying “it’s time for that baby to sleep, don’t you think?” “if I had a baby it would be sleeping, for sure!” “etc” (it was like 10 pm at this point). So we didn’t come out ahead in terms of time, but we came out ahead in terms of cake. Because it was delicious and the guy was SUPER nice and gave us a sample while we were waiting and then gave us two slices of something to take home because they were closing.

verdict: we will go there instead of True Confections when we want cake now. They were half the price and twice as nice. Why are those True Confections guys so grumpy? ps. I had black and white chocolate mousse but I COULD have had a lemon or hazelnut merengue with cream, or a flourless chocolate cake. And that’s about all you can ask for in this day and age.

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