Deacon’s Corner on Main

Today for brunch Daniel and I were all excited (mostly I was excited) to go try the Parker, which supposedly serves gluten-free waffles. I have googled “gluten free waffles in vancouver” (and about a thousand other combinations of those words) and never found anything, so when I read about the Parker being very celiac-friend and having these waffles I wanted to go to there STAT. So of course we go there this morning and they don’t have them. We sat down and read the menu for ten seconds (maybe 5 seconds actually, there were three things on the menu), and then I remembered that we didn’t put any money in the meter (something we do basically anytime that we park anywhere). I saw this as our opportunity to bounce, as Daniel would say, so I said I would run out and put change in the meter, but when I said this I gave him the “eye,” thinking that he would know to interpret that as the eye that meant “lets go somewhere else.” Instead of that happening I just stood outside for a couple minutes before he must have thought I’d been mugged, because then he came rushing out with his coat and then agreed that we should in fact bounce. He said that he didn’t know that I was trying to run away, and when he finally did he (politely) said to the server, “she really wanted those waffles… I don’t think she’s coming back.” The short version of this story is that we ended up trying Deacon’s Corner, around the corner, and that it was just a cute little old-timey diner that served up such stupidly humongous breakfasts that Daniel and I shared one, and it was possibly the grossest choice he could have made (he would tell you it was excellent). For like $15 bucks we ordered the “extravagant chicken” or something and it came with: a huge piece of fried chicken on a big biscuit with weird (he would say delicious) gravy and a bowl of grits, two eggs and hashbrowns. Throw on a side of bacon and a bowl of fruit and we ate the whole thing. I am generally weary of these little greasy spoon places, especially since I usually always end up getting bacon and eggs, but then again I throw caution to the wind basically every weekend and I’m alive to tell the tale. I didn’t get sick at all, and we had a very nice time. It is quite the popular little joint and I would recommend it if you are feeling not quite hip enough for the Wallflower but cooler than Sunshine Diner.

verdict: It may get thrown into the ‘Shoe rotation. Very economical! The waitress was super nice and put up with all of my crap (went into the kitchen to tell them to be careful, brought us another plate of bacon when she accidentally put it all on top of Daniel’s biscuit, etc). He tipped her well so hopefully we can go again… because we can’t go back to the Parker.

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