the Wallflower on Main

Most weekends Daniel and I have brunch somewhere, either saturday or sunday, and we don’t get to where we’re going until noon. Our favourite place to go is the Wooden Shoe on Cambie and 17th because they have gfree pannekoeken with grilled bananas and whipped cream, but sometimes we feel the need to spice things up. The wallflower is definitely for the hip, but we go there anyways because I can pretty much have anything on the menu except for the waffles (the thing I really want). They offer a bunch of different kinds of bennys, but when I asked the girl she said they dont have gfree english muffins, just gfree bread. I had the traditional breakfast and it was ok, not amazing. The bread turned out to be the best part and if I had to guess I’d say it was those little kinnickinnick pizza crusts you can get in the frozen section of safeway. It’s a very quaint little treat to have toast in a restaurant. Next weekend we will be back at the Shoe.

Verdict: It’s definitely a safe place to go and there’s tons of stuff to try. The fried chicken and potato plate I had last time was better than the breakfast. Daniel had a crabcake benny that he could have taken or left. I guess I’m not selling it that hard.

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